Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Raw Milk

I'm really appalled at the fact that corporations are helping making raw milk illegal. We should be able to consume whatever we like, especially if its coming from a safe source. So far with the outbreaks of salmonella in eggs and e-coli in our veggies, this has got to be telling us that big corporations are bad for our health. We need to go back to buying fresh food from local farmers. There are so many health benefits of drinking raw milk. I feel so sorry for those farms that were raided. It's really sad we are as a country putting so much effort into stopping people from selling raw milk. That is one thing I love about California, raw milk is legal to sell, buy and drink. Here in NC they are trying to pass laws about requiring using dyes in raw milk so they know its for animal consumption only. This is silly. It isn't like were trying to consume drugs or something, its milk. Ok, rant off.

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