Friday, October 18, 2013

Our New House

I know its been awhile since I have posted here.  We have finally settled down in a new place and are starting to be able to get things started in the direction of the way we want it in and out.  Lots to do, but were excited to be doing it.  It our new home.  It feels so good after so long of being out of place to have our own place.  Here is the link to zillow about our new house.  Pics will come along soon that we will be taking.  I have lots of plans and want to have before, during and after pictures.  You can see in the zillow pics that we had carpet in the kitchen and dining room.  That has been replaced by laminate floors, such a relief.  Soon I will be posting about the breeds of chickens we will be getting, goats, sheep, etc.  What we plan to plant in the garden and how we want to set it up.  : )

I will leave you a picture of our ladybug infestation.  From what I heard is that there was another invasive species of some kind and 10 years ago they brought these specific ladybug specie in to help with the overpopulation of the other bug and now you have overpopulation of this specific ladybug.  Confusing?  Yeah, sorry.  : P