Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Wedding Bands

So we want that design, the celtic love knot.
Engraved in green in a ring like this. I think it will look awesome.

So, this is what our wedding bands will look like. Though everyone will have to wait until the wedding to see the bands finished. :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 2009 Part 1: Picking Dave up from the airport.

33 days is a long time. That's all I have to say about that. LOL! We sent each other pictures and videos in between visits. Never have I wanted to stay in close contact with someone so far away. Really, 33 days, very long time. Hehe!

So, we finally got to see each other again on August 7th, 2009. I picked up Dave at the Sacramento airport. Anticipation was high. I couldn't wait to see Dave come down the escalator. Then he finally did and what an agonizing 10-15 seconds of him coming down the escalator. Hehe! And finally the hug and a kiss. Oh man, was waiting worth it. I did not want to let go. Hehe! We were all smiles all the way to my truck. I got to drive Dave around this time.

The first thing we did of course, go to the grocery store and buy nothing other than....Kombucha baby. LOL! We also went to Old Town Sacramento so we could buy my parents some chocolate from The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. My favorite place for chocolate. I'm just bias I guess since I worked at one for so long and I am a chocolate snob. Only the best. Anyway, after a minor spill of Kombucha along the way (trying to show Dave my Kombucha opening skillz) we headed up the hill to Smartsville.

I don't think you could wipe the grins off our faces. We were so happy to see each other again. The week was such a blur now that I think about it. It's so easy to be with Dave. I definately believe he is my soulmate.

So, the first person he met was my mom's nurse Karen, who later commented on how cute Dave was. LOL! Who instantly took to him. Both talkers. LOL! So, we went in and met my mom. Though I think Dave was overwhelmed at this point. Dave met my dad and we took sometime to be alone to talk, cuddle, and relax a bit. :D Seemed like a long day so far.

Next I took Dave on a short tour of the farm, which I don't really remember, but I think I did. LOL! Then we went to BriarPatch to go grocery shopping for the next couple days, have dinner and pick up chinese for the rest of the family. I have finally found someone who likes to go grocery shopping. LOL! That's exciting. We bought lots of avocado and some organic beer among other things.

Monday, August 24, 2009

August 2009 Part 2: Target Shooting

We decided we should go shooting the next day. I had told my dad the day before and I guess he had grand plans for us. LOL! We stayed up until 11 finding ammo and all the rifles and hand guns. Learning all about the history of each gun. So, we were more than set for the next day. Four rifles, one shotgun, and two hand guns later.

As you can tell we had a great time target practicing. We also got sunburned. Though we forgot to take a picture of the white stripe on Dave's head. It was pretty hilarious. I'm sure it won't be the last time. LOL!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 2009 Part 3: San Francisco

Japanese Tea Gardens

Sunday we left early to go to San Francisco to the Sociology conference Dave was attending. Though we went and met my good friend Arleen on the way and she drove us to the Hilton hotel. $50 a night for parking was a bit much for us and I wanted Dave to meet Arleen anyway. Thanks Arleen!

That night we went out to a nearby sushi restaurant. I'm still getting used to sushi, but they had the most amazing soup. Yum! And I finally figured out how to use chopsticks. Yeah! Dave is a good teacher. :D The yellowtail was so good to though. We'll definately have to go there again next summer sometime on an excursion when its super hot here. We also had some sake.

Dave then took me to meet some of his colleagues and some alumni from MSU that were also at the conference. I think I ate 3 of the peanut butter chocolate dessert things they had there. YUM! We then decided to go down to the bar in the hotel with Dave's friend Cedric so I could have a margarita. Mmmm..... Oh, and I stole two more of those peanut butter chocolate things. LOL! Maybe it was because I had some sake. We had a great time in the bar. I was pretty saucy and I know Dave was feeling pretty good. Hehe! What a great day!

Monday we went to breakfast and then we went back to the hotel and Dave worked on his presentation. I don't really remember all that we did that day. It's kind of a blur. Though I know we took the cable cars in the afternoon to Pier 39 at Fishermen's wharf. We went to Fog Harbor for dinner. So good and we could see Alcatraz until it was covered in fog that was rolling in. The calamari was awesome, but the margarita notsomuch. LOL! They gave me a complementary shot of tequila. Hehe! Then we walked around Pier 39 for a little while. Looked at rings and got my finger sized. At this point we knew we wanted to get married, but we weren't sure what ring Dave was going to give me and I told Dave I wanted it to be a surprise when he did propose. :D We then went to a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, of course, on the way back to the cable cars. What a nice ride back to the hotel. We got to sit outside this time. It was just nice to cuddle on the way back to the hotel.

Tuesday started off just great. We got up early. Actually I got up early and had to coax Dave into getting up (hehe). Once we got out to the pool, oh, the water was so warm and it felt so good to have a swim. What a great way to start a day. Then we sat in the hot tub for a little while. So nice. We then went to breakfast which was great. Then back to the hotel so Dave could finish his presentation while I rested.

After Dave’s presentation we went to the Sushi Boat again for lunch. Yum! I couldn’t get enough of that soup, so good and using chopsticks, so exciting. LOL! It’s the little things I tell ya. :D We then headed towards Golden Gate Park to the Japanese Tea Gardens, which I must confess, Dave and I thought we’d have our first kiss when we first started talking and planning to meet in San Francisco. LOL! We were so wrong. LOL! We had a mini adventure on the bus ride, which ended up not paying for because the bus driver was so impatient with us and wouldn’t tell us whether it would take us to where we wanted to go or not. He told us we were in the way and to just get on the bus. LOL! So we walked and I didn’t think we would have to walk that far. Give up to me to think that. So, made Dave walk pretty far. Sorry Dave. We did finally make it and had some nice tea and cookies. We didn’t get to see as much of the Tea Gardens as we would have liked, but talked to a really nice lady about locavore stuff. We’ll have to e-mail her about what were doing. Anyway, Arleen came and picked us up at the Japanese Tea Gardens and we went back to the hotel to get our bags and then headed back towards Arleen’s house and took her out to dinner. Thanks again Arleen!

We then headed back to Smartsville, picking up James on the way home. We had a nice ride home while James fell asleep.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 2009 Part 4: The Fair

Chocolate. Mmmmm......
Pork bellies!

Big horses.

Wednesday we went to the Nevada County Fair. I love the fair! We made lunch and had that while we listened to I think the Nevada County Blue Grass band? They sang a pretty funny song about the fair and the poop at the fair. LOL! First we headed towards the animals, but of course James saw nothing other than CHOCOLATE! Hehehe. Well, chocolate covered strawberries. Yum! It was good chocolate too (ya know the chocolate snob has to be happy). LOL! So James proceeded to get covered in chocolate and cover me in chocolate while Dave took pictures. Hehe! We headed towards the animals and James and Dave even held hands on the way. So cute. Sigh….. Oh sorry, um next we saw the goats and then headed over to the pigs. Scratched some pork belly. Hehe! Can’t wait to get pigs again. They are so fun.

Then we saw the sheep and headed over to the rabbits and chickens and James got to pet a couple ducks. Then to the Budweiser Clydesdales (though between then I think Dave was trying to take pictures of some bull testicles for his riends lol). They were re-shoeing one of the horses which was pretty neat for James to watch. Those are some huge hooves.

Friday, August 21, 2009

August 2009 Part 5: Getting Engaged

We went to the co-op after our trip to the fair and bought some ribs and chicken for the next couple nights for dinner, oh and more Kombucha. :D James went out with his Grandpa for a few hours and Dave and I made dinner. We made some lettuce wraps with the yummy teriyaki sauce I make from Cookus Interruptus. Mmmmm…. So good. Anyway, Dave and I made everyone dinner and we were sitting there at the counter after dinner just relaxing. I looked at Dave and he just gave me this very readable look. I smiled and looked away and he asked me what I was thinking. I told him I would tell him when we were somewhere more private. So, we went into my bedroom and laid down and cuddled for a bit. I told him he gave me a look like he wanted to ask me to marry him. Heh! That’s exactly what he was thinking and was wondering if I knew he was thinking that. LOL! Though Dave thought asking me to marry him in the kitchen just wouldn't do. So, we hung out for awhile after that until James came home which was really nice.

Thursday started early since we had to drop James off with his Grandma and I needed to go to John and Jane’s next door and work on the garden I put in for them. So, my Aunt Roberta is visiting at the same time and Dave was totally talking her ear off while she was making breakfast and I think my Aunt had had enough. She’s like “you just don’t know when to be quiet do you?” Hehe! It was hilarious! *clearing throat* Anyway, so we dropped James off and Dave met my neighbors and I worked in the garden for awhile.

So, we got back to the farm and got cleaned up and attempted to take a nap. LOL! We were just laying there talking and Dave was like “I so want to marry you,” and before I could even register that out came, “will you marry me,” which took me even longer to register because I was thinking to myself did he just say what I think he did? Of course I said yes and that was the end of taking a nap for that day. Wow. I just didn’t see that coming even if he was thinking it the night before. It was pretty amazing. I just don’t really have words to describe that moment. Just wow. Dave is an amazing man and I couldn’t be happier about spending the rest of my life with him.

So, then I told Dave we should call his mom. I think she is the first person we told. :D We told my mom and Karen and prepared to tell my dad. LOL! You just never know what that man is going to say. We think he almost gave Dave a compliment.

So we headed into town to walk around at the Farmers’ Market in Grass Valley and Dave wanted to get his finger sized for our wedding bands. We just needed to get out and walk around. It was going to take awhile before we could wipe those big silly grins off our faces.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 2009 Part 6 Our last full day together.

Friday, was our last full day together in August. We wanted to go back into Grass Valley because there was several shops we wanted to go into that were closed Thursday night. First though my dad wanted me to go with him to the fair to find a Nubian goat breeder because he wanted to get a doe for milking. So we did that and then we walked around the fair a little more. I wanted to see the building with the quilts. It’s amazing what people create with quilts.

We headed downtown and started walking around. Our first stop was into the “Silver Palace,” because I like silver and Dave wanted to make sure the ring size he got the night before at the Farmers’ Market was correct. She brought out some silver bands for Dave to try on and saw some in my size. I tried on a couple and found one I really liked. Dave asked if he could buy that as my engagement ring. Of course! Hehe! It’s really nice because it’s perfect for me for farming with. Pretty, yet practical. So, we walked out the door of the “Silver Palace,” (its just a cool name, had to write it again) and Dave stopped and said he was going to make this official, or something like that. I was in lalaland I think. And he asked me to marry him again and he put the ring on my finger. Wow. I just have a hard time describing how I feel at these moments. Words cannot express how I felt. LOL! Pretty amazing. Again, we could not wipe the grins off of our faces.

We headed towards the music shop next, Foggy Mountain Music, and Dave played some music. Dave says it was the longest he had gone without playing before. I love it when he plays. I can’t wait until we live together and I can hear him play all the time. I’ve told him to not let me talk him into doing anything on the farm that might hurt his hands. LOL! I want him to play for me for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to hear him sing and play for me as I walk down the aisle. Oh man, that’s going to be pretty awesome. I hope I don’t do the ugly cry. LOL!

It was pretty close to lunchtime and so we decided to head up the street to Tofanelli’s. Mmmmm….. They have the best avocado sandwiches. So good. So, we were sitting there eating and I just kept staring at Dave. LOL! I was thinking to myself wow a man who eats green stuff and salad dressing. I never realized how big food was to me and my relationships. I am an organic farmer I guess after all and a foodie. I’m just now realizing this with Dave in my life. Can’t wait to cook in the kitchen with him all the time. I love good food and having someone to share that with is incredible.

Oh, then on the way back to my truck we got some chocolate from Dorado Chocolates. Dave had a beer to celebrate and I got some chocolate. LOL! We headed back to the farm to start preparing the baby back ribs for dinner. Mmmmmm…. Oven BBQ Baby Back Ribs. They were so good.

Later I had to go in the garden to turn off water and it was dark and I asked Dave to come out and sit with me in the garden. It’s just a great place to sit and be. I wanted to share it with Dave. The stars were amazing. I was hoping the bats would be still flying around, but I think they just do that mainly at dusk when the bugs are out. The wildlife here is just awesome. I could do without the rattlesnakes and I know Dave could too, but the wildlife here just ceases to amaze me. Every time I turn around I see something new or something that I hadn’t noticed before. So, we decided to go get the blanket and lie out in the pasture and look at the stars. There is a good spot out there where the trees just open up to the sky and you can see a lot of the stars. That’s the benefit of being away from the city, you can see so much more at night. We took Shelby with us and she just explored while we hung out. Dave was really impressed and hadn’t experienced the night sky like this for a long time. I just hadn’t stopped long enough to look at them in awhile. That week had been a lot cooler while Dave was here and it started to get cold. I think Shelby was getting a little cold too because she started tearing it up around us. Shelby really likes Dave and I think she was feeling pretty good being around two very happy people. What a great way to end our last full day together before Dave went back home to Michigan.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 2009 Part 7: Until we meet again

Our engagement picture.
The ring.

Cathy on the 8N Ford before we left for the airport.

Well, Saturday morning I had to get Dave to the airport. We were so happy to see each other and be together for more than a week this time. I was sad Dave had to go, but so happy we got to be together. Even after I dropped Dave off I was so high from being with him. It was great! I think Dave felt the same way. Of course Dave is going to have to add his own point of view when he has time. Can't wait to see what he writes. :D

This has turned into a book. LOL! Hope you don't get too bored with us gushing about each other. It's nice to jot down our memories of how we met and what we did together.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

July 2009

Dave and I in July right before we headed to the airport.
Posing with the chicken Dave's parents gave him. We are both the chicken people in our families. It's so funny. I think together we have enough poultry to decorate with, its hilarious. Welcome to the chicken coop. LOL!

Dave and Brando. I love this picture.

So, we finally met for the first time in July. I was becoming very smitten by Dave just through e-mail, instant messaging, and from talking on the phone. The feelings for him for me were overwhelming. We finally met for the first time on July 2rd, 2009. We hit it off immediately. I was walking from the airport to Dave's truck and he was so shy. It was so cute. We had our first hug. Our drive towards Lansing where Dave lives was awesome. Dave talked most of the time, hehe, and I was just so smitten by him. I finally got up the nerve to brush my hand against his beard. Hehe! That is when our love for each other began. We started to fall in love. We went by the grocery store because Dave was out of toilet paper (typical bachelor, hehe) and he wanted me to make him french toast the next morning. We stopped and looked at the bacon and tried to find uncured bacon. We stopped and looked at each other. I knew at that exact moment he felt the same way I did. We almost had our first kiss in front of the bacon, but thought better of it (first kiss in front of bacon in Meijers? Notsomuch. hehe). I put my head on his shoulder and we stood there for a few moments. We finally made it back to Dave's house and I met Brando at the front door. I got him to lay on the floor for me and settle down a bit and Dave and I sat down to pet Brando. We looked at each other and that is when we had our very first kiss. Barely in the door. What a kiss it was! Hehe! We then talked the night away until 7am the next morning when we finally took a nap for 3 hours. We were so excited to finally meet that we had a hard time sleeping very long. We got up and I made him french toast while he made coffee. We talked for awhile more and then took a nap. We went to a sushi restaurant for dinner and then took a walk on MSU campus. We didn't make it very far before we stopped at the river and watched the ducks and geese and sat and talked some more. We were still pretty tired and headed back to Dave's house. We went by the co-op and picked up a few things for dinner the next night, stuff to make green smoothies, and I think this is when I introduced Dave to Kombucha. Lovely Kombucha. LOL! We then played a board game and a card game. One of my favorite things to do. Now I have someone to play board games with. Yippee! Hehe! Anyway, we talked among other things and went to bed.

The next day was the 4th of July. I made breakfast that included french toast again, but with fresh cinnamon from the co-op and green smoothies. Yum! My favorite. We probably took another nap and talked some more. Listened to music, danced to said music. Enjoyed ourselves. Then we started getting ready to go to a baseball game. Dave made Chicken Saag and collards for dinner. Yum! We then headed to the baseball game. It was the 4th of July. We don't remember much about the baseball game, but enjoyed talking and cuddling. Then it got dark and they started the fireworks. Though it was more than just fireworks going off. The fireworks began between Dave and I. It was a magical moment. So awesome! Seemed like everyone stayed forever for the fireworks and we started watching the fireworks going off everywhere else. It was magnificent.

After awhile we started the walk back to Dave's house. We stopped for a bit at a pub and then headed the rest of the way home. The walk home was hilarious! Dave kept making me laugh and I so had to pee. It was funny though, we were thinking the same thing. If I really had to I was wearing a skirt and there were several bushes to pee behind. I had to make him stop making me laugh. LOL! We did finally make it home and we crashed.

Sunday morning we ate breakfast and loaded up the rifles and ammo and went to the shooting range. What a fun time. I hadn't shot a gun for 10 yrs and Dave 15yrs. We had an awesome time. Tried to get the .22 Ithica rifle to work for us to no avail, but we did get to shoot the other two rifles. We didn't have the correct ammo for the 12 gauge shotgun so we didn't shoot that. The two rifles we did shoot we had a blast with. What a fun last full day together. One of my targets. LOL!
Sunday night we were running out of time for all the things we wanted to do and discuss. I really wanted to hear Dave play his guitar(s) for me so I could see him play in person. I was really excited! Wow. Dave sticking his tongue out in concentration and playing for me. Wow. Heh! I think he played for an hour or so before I couldn't keep my eyes open. Not in boredom, but we really hadn't caught up on all the sleep we missed that first night. I could've had him play for me while I fell asleep though, that's how nice it is to hear someone you are falling in love with express themselves through music. Very comforting. I could've listened to him play all night.

Monday, the last day I was in Lansing, MI we made breakfast and hung out wishing we had more time together. What an awesome weekend. It was amazing how easy it was being together and how we connected so deeply so fast. It's hard to describe just how amazing that first weekend was.

The Beginning

Dave and I met on the end of May 2009. We hit it off and started e-mailing each other. We realized from the beginning we had both posted on our profiles what we were looking for in great detail. We continued contacting each other through e-mail thoroughly making sure we weren't wasting the other's time. We wanted to make sure that we wanted to pursue the other and had similar views, values, and we were headed in a similar direction. We then started instant messaging each other and then started talking on the phone. Anyone who knows Dave, knows that he can talk. I love that about him. The communication between us is so open and honest. That is one awesome aspect of our relationship. We know each other pretty well already even after only knowing each other a couple months. Hence getting engaged on the 13th day of being in person together. Our communication is a constant everyday.