Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Beginning

Dave and I met on the end of May 2009. We hit it off and started e-mailing each other. We realized from the beginning we had both posted on our profiles what we were looking for in great detail. We continued contacting each other through e-mail thoroughly making sure we weren't wasting the other's time. We wanted to make sure that we wanted to pursue the other and had similar views, values, and we were headed in a similar direction. We then started instant messaging each other and then started talking on the phone. Anyone who knows Dave, knows that he can talk. I love that about him. The communication between us is so open and honest. That is one awesome aspect of our relationship. We know each other pretty well already even after only knowing each other a couple months. Hence getting engaged on the 13th day of being in person together. Our communication is a constant everyday.

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