Friday, August 21, 2009

August 2009 Part 5: Getting Engaged

We went to the co-op after our trip to the fair and bought some ribs and chicken for the next couple nights for dinner, oh and more Kombucha. :D James went out with his Grandpa for a few hours and Dave and I made dinner. We made some lettuce wraps with the yummy teriyaki sauce I make from Cookus Interruptus. Mmmmm…. So good. Anyway, Dave and I made everyone dinner and we were sitting there at the counter after dinner just relaxing. I looked at Dave and he just gave me this very readable look. I smiled and looked away and he asked me what I was thinking. I told him I would tell him when we were somewhere more private. So, we went into my bedroom and laid down and cuddled for a bit. I told him he gave me a look like he wanted to ask me to marry him. Heh! That’s exactly what he was thinking and was wondering if I knew he was thinking that. LOL! Though Dave thought asking me to marry him in the kitchen just wouldn't do. So, we hung out for awhile after that until James came home which was really nice.

Thursday started early since we had to drop James off with his Grandma and I needed to go to John and Jane’s next door and work on the garden I put in for them. So, my Aunt Roberta is visiting at the same time and Dave was totally talking her ear off while she was making breakfast and I think my Aunt had had enough. She’s like “you just don’t know when to be quiet do you?” Hehe! It was hilarious! *clearing throat* Anyway, so we dropped James off and Dave met my neighbors and I worked in the garden for awhile.

So, we got back to the farm and got cleaned up and attempted to take a nap. LOL! We were just laying there talking and Dave was like “I so want to marry you,” and before I could even register that out came, “will you marry me,” which took me even longer to register because I was thinking to myself did he just say what I think he did? Of course I said yes and that was the end of taking a nap for that day. Wow. I just didn’t see that coming even if he was thinking it the night before. It was pretty amazing. I just don’t really have words to describe that moment. Just wow. Dave is an amazing man and I couldn’t be happier about spending the rest of my life with him.

So, then I told Dave we should call his mom. I think she is the first person we told. :D We told my mom and Karen and prepared to tell my dad. LOL! You just never know what that man is going to say. We think he almost gave Dave a compliment.

So we headed into town to walk around at the Farmers’ Market in Grass Valley and Dave wanted to get his finger sized for our wedding bands. We just needed to get out and walk around. It was going to take awhile before we could wipe those big silly grins off our faces.

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