Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 2009 Part 6 Our last full day together.

Friday, was our last full day together in August. We wanted to go back into Grass Valley because there was several shops we wanted to go into that were closed Thursday night. First though my dad wanted me to go with him to the fair to find a Nubian goat breeder because he wanted to get a doe for milking. So we did that and then we walked around the fair a little more. I wanted to see the building with the quilts. It’s amazing what people create with quilts.

We headed downtown and started walking around. Our first stop was into the “Silver Palace,” because I like silver and Dave wanted to make sure the ring size he got the night before at the Farmers’ Market was correct. She brought out some silver bands for Dave to try on and saw some in my size. I tried on a couple and found one I really liked. Dave asked if he could buy that as my engagement ring. Of course! Hehe! It’s really nice because it’s perfect for me for farming with. Pretty, yet practical. So, we walked out the door of the “Silver Palace,” (its just a cool name, had to write it again) and Dave stopped and said he was going to make this official, or something like that. I was in lalaland I think. And he asked me to marry him again and he put the ring on my finger. Wow. I just have a hard time describing how I feel at these moments. Words cannot express how I felt. LOL! Pretty amazing. Again, we could not wipe the grins off of our faces.

We headed towards the music shop next, Foggy Mountain Music, and Dave played some music. Dave says it was the longest he had gone without playing before. I love it when he plays. I can’t wait until we live together and I can hear him play all the time. I’ve told him to not let me talk him into doing anything on the farm that might hurt his hands. LOL! I want him to play for me for the rest of my life. I can’t wait to hear him sing and play for me as I walk down the aisle. Oh man, that’s going to be pretty awesome. I hope I don’t do the ugly cry. LOL!

It was pretty close to lunchtime and so we decided to head up the street to Tofanelli’s. Mmmmm….. They have the best avocado sandwiches. So good. So, we were sitting there eating and I just kept staring at Dave. LOL! I was thinking to myself wow a man who eats green stuff and salad dressing. I never realized how big food was to me and my relationships. I am an organic farmer I guess after all and a foodie. I’m just now realizing this with Dave in my life. Can’t wait to cook in the kitchen with him all the time. I love good food and having someone to share that with is incredible.

Oh, then on the way back to my truck we got some chocolate from Dorado Chocolates. Dave had a beer to celebrate and I got some chocolate. LOL! We headed back to the farm to start preparing the baby back ribs for dinner. Mmmmmm…. Oven BBQ Baby Back Ribs. They were so good.

Later I had to go in the garden to turn off water and it was dark and I asked Dave to come out and sit with me in the garden. It’s just a great place to sit and be. I wanted to share it with Dave. The stars were amazing. I was hoping the bats would be still flying around, but I think they just do that mainly at dusk when the bugs are out. The wildlife here is just awesome. I could do without the rattlesnakes and I know Dave could too, but the wildlife here just ceases to amaze me. Every time I turn around I see something new or something that I hadn’t noticed before. So, we decided to go get the blanket and lie out in the pasture and look at the stars. There is a good spot out there where the trees just open up to the sky and you can see a lot of the stars. That’s the benefit of being away from the city, you can see so much more at night. We took Shelby with us and she just explored while we hung out. Dave was really impressed and hadn’t experienced the night sky like this for a long time. I just hadn’t stopped long enough to look at them in awhile. That week had been a lot cooler while Dave was here and it started to get cold. I think Shelby was getting a little cold too because she started tearing it up around us. Shelby really likes Dave and I think she was feeling pretty good being around two very happy people. What a great way to end our last full day together before Dave went back home to Michigan.

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