Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 2009 Part 3: San Francisco

Japanese Tea Gardens

Sunday we left early to go to San Francisco to the Sociology conference Dave was attending. Though we went and met my good friend Arleen on the way and she drove us to the Hilton hotel. $50 a night for parking was a bit much for us and I wanted Dave to meet Arleen anyway. Thanks Arleen!

That night we went out to a nearby sushi restaurant. I'm still getting used to sushi, but they had the most amazing soup. Yum! And I finally figured out how to use chopsticks. Yeah! Dave is a good teacher. :D The yellowtail was so good to though. We'll definately have to go there again next summer sometime on an excursion when its super hot here. We also had some sake.

Dave then took me to meet some of his colleagues and some alumni from MSU that were also at the conference. I think I ate 3 of the peanut butter chocolate dessert things they had there. YUM! We then decided to go down to the bar in the hotel with Dave's friend Cedric so I could have a margarita. Mmmm..... Oh, and I stole two more of those peanut butter chocolate things. LOL! Maybe it was because I had some sake. We had a great time in the bar. I was pretty saucy and I know Dave was feeling pretty good. Hehe! What a great day!

Monday we went to breakfast and then we went back to the hotel and Dave worked on his presentation. I don't really remember all that we did that day. It's kind of a blur. Though I know we took the cable cars in the afternoon to Pier 39 at Fishermen's wharf. We went to Fog Harbor for dinner. So good and we could see Alcatraz until it was covered in fog that was rolling in. The calamari was awesome, but the margarita notsomuch. LOL! They gave me a complementary shot of tequila. Hehe! Then we walked around Pier 39 for a little while. Looked at rings and got my finger sized. At this point we knew we wanted to get married, but we weren't sure what ring Dave was going to give me and I told Dave I wanted it to be a surprise when he did propose. :D We then went to a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, of course, on the way back to the cable cars. What a nice ride back to the hotel. We got to sit outside this time. It was just nice to cuddle on the way back to the hotel.

Tuesday started off just great. We got up early. Actually I got up early and had to coax Dave into getting up (hehe). Once we got out to the pool, oh, the water was so warm and it felt so good to have a swim. What a great way to start a day. Then we sat in the hot tub for a little while. So nice. We then went to breakfast which was great. Then back to the hotel so Dave could finish his presentation while I rested.

After Dave’s presentation we went to the Sushi Boat again for lunch. Yum! I couldn’t get enough of that soup, so good and using chopsticks, so exciting. LOL! It’s the little things I tell ya. :D We then headed towards Golden Gate Park to the Japanese Tea Gardens, which I must confess, Dave and I thought we’d have our first kiss when we first started talking and planning to meet in San Francisco. LOL! We were so wrong. LOL! We had a mini adventure on the bus ride, which ended up not paying for because the bus driver was so impatient with us and wouldn’t tell us whether it would take us to where we wanted to go or not. He told us we were in the way and to just get on the bus. LOL! So we walked and I didn’t think we would have to walk that far. Give up to me to think that. So, made Dave walk pretty far. Sorry Dave. We did finally make it and had some nice tea and cookies. We didn’t get to see as much of the Tea Gardens as we would have liked, but talked to a really nice lady about locavore stuff. We’ll have to e-mail her about what were doing. Anyway, Arleen came and picked us up at the Japanese Tea Gardens and we went back to the hotel to get our bags and then headed back towards Arleen’s house and took her out to dinner. Thanks again Arleen!

We then headed back to Smartsville, picking up James on the way home. We had a nice ride home while James fell asleep.

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