Saturday, August 15, 2009

July 2009

Dave and I in July right before we headed to the airport.
Posing with the chicken Dave's parents gave him. We are both the chicken people in our families. It's so funny. I think together we have enough poultry to decorate with, its hilarious. Welcome to the chicken coop. LOL!

Dave and Brando. I love this picture.

So, we finally met for the first time in July. I was becoming very smitten by Dave just through e-mail, instant messaging, and from talking on the phone. The feelings for him for me were overwhelming. We finally met for the first time on July 2rd, 2009. We hit it off immediately. I was walking from the airport to Dave's truck and he was so shy. It was so cute. We had our first hug. Our drive towards Lansing where Dave lives was awesome. Dave talked most of the time, hehe, and I was just so smitten by him. I finally got up the nerve to brush my hand against his beard. Hehe! That is when our love for each other began. We started to fall in love. We went by the grocery store because Dave was out of toilet paper (typical bachelor, hehe) and he wanted me to make him french toast the next morning. We stopped and looked at the bacon and tried to find uncured bacon. We stopped and looked at each other. I knew at that exact moment he felt the same way I did. We almost had our first kiss in front of the bacon, but thought better of it (first kiss in front of bacon in Meijers? Notsomuch. hehe). I put my head on his shoulder and we stood there for a few moments. We finally made it back to Dave's house and I met Brando at the front door. I got him to lay on the floor for me and settle down a bit and Dave and I sat down to pet Brando. We looked at each other and that is when we had our very first kiss. Barely in the door. What a kiss it was! Hehe! We then talked the night away until 7am the next morning when we finally took a nap for 3 hours. We were so excited to finally meet that we had a hard time sleeping very long. We got up and I made him french toast while he made coffee. We talked for awhile more and then took a nap. We went to a sushi restaurant for dinner and then took a walk on MSU campus. We didn't make it very far before we stopped at the river and watched the ducks and geese and sat and talked some more. We were still pretty tired and headed back to Dave's house. We went by the co-op and picked up a few things for dinner the next night, stuff to make green smoothies, and I think this is when I introduced Dave to Kombucha. Lovely Kombucha. LOL! We then played a board game and a card game. One of my favorite things to do. Now I have someone to play board games with. Yippee! Hehe! Anyway, we talked among other things and went to bed.

The next day was the 4th of July. I made breakfast that included french toast again, but with fresh cinnamon from the co-op and green smoothies. Yum! My favorite. We probably took another nap and talked some more. Listened to music, danced to said music. Enjoyed ourselves. Then we started getting ready to go to a baseball game. Dave made Chicken Saag and collards for dinner. Yum! We then headed to the baseball game. It was the 4th of July. We don't remember much about the baseball game, but enjoyed talking and cuddling. Then it got dark and they started the fireworks. Though it was more than just fireworks going off. The fireworks began between Dave and I. It was a magical moment. So awesome! Seemed like everyone stayed forever for the fireworks and we started watching the fireworks going off everywhere else. It was magnificent.

After awhile we started the walk back to Dave's house. We stopped for a bit at a pub and then headed the rest of the way home. The walk home was hilarious! Dave kept making me laugh and I so had to pee. It was funny though, we were thinking the same thing. If I really had to I was wearing a skirt and there were several bushes to pee behind. I had to make him stop making me laugh. LOL! We did finally make it home and we crashed.

Sunday morning we ate breakfast and loaded up the rifles and ammo and went to the shooting range. What a fun time. I hadn't shot a gun for 10 yrs and Dave 15yrs. We had an awesome time. Tried to get the .22 Ithica rifle to work for us to no avail, but we did get to shoot the other two rifles. We didn't have the correct ammo for the 12 gauge shotgun so we didn't shoot that. The two rifles we did shoot we had a blast with. What a fun last full day together. One of my targets. LOL!
Sunday night we were running out of time for all the things we wanted to do and discuss. I really wanted to hear Dave play his guitar(s) for me so I could see him play in person. I was really excited! Wow. Dave sticking his tongue out in concentration and playing for me. Wow. Heh! I think he played for an hour or so before I couldn't keep my eyes open. Not in boredom, but we really hadn't caught up on all the sleep we missed that first night. I could've had him play for me while I fell asleep though, that's how nice it is to hear someone you are falling in love with express themselves through music. Very comforting. I could've listened to him play all night.

Monday, the last day I was in Lansing, MI we made breakfast and hung out wishing we had more time together. What an awesome weekend. It was amazing how easy it was being together and how we connected so deeply so fast. It's hard to describe just how amazing that first weekend was.

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