Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pens, Goats and Sewing. Oh my!

We will be getting the posts in today for the goat pen. I'm really excited to think that in about a week we will be moving in and our goats will be in the backyard. It will be heaven. I'm really excited about Yogurts kids. Did I mention the doe were getting will be named Yogurt? Yogi for short. We have started with A's for the animals this year. So, we have a rooster born last year, Zorro, and the goat born 2 years ago, hence the Y name. All the hens are A's, Amber, Agatha (Aggie for short), Ashe, Autumn and Absinthe (Abbey for short). I think besides hatching some eggs out we should be done for animals this year.

I'm working on our curtains for the new house every night when I can. I didn't want to go the blind route, I hate blinds. So far I've gotten curtains for one window done so far. Hopefully I will get faster at it after this first one. I've got 6 more windows to go. :) I have time. :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fencing and Shelters

This week we are getting the fencing put in and a shelter for the goats and the little cochin. The hens after all have decided that no, they do not like her so she maybe in with the goats and I will make her a creep feeder so she can eat in peace without the goats eating it her food. We are making the goat shelter with pallets as the base and covering it with plywood and a metal roof. We will make it big enough so it can be divided in two and one side with a gate if not both sides with gates. I want to be able to lock the doe and her kids in away from Marley so they can eat without him pushing them around. I'm hoping it will look good and I will get paint from Ace when I start working there and make it a nice brown color. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things are moving forward

So, we did pick up the rooster a couple days ago. He is wonderful. He loves the hens and is just a mellow guy. We even let the little cochin we bought a day before him out and he totally protects her from the hens. He's great!
So, we didn't get the LaMancha doe pictured below, but we are getting one that looks exactly like that. She is such a cutie too. I can't wait to pick her up, she is so pregnant. Should be due in October and then we'll start the milking. :) So excited! We're looking forward to baby goats in our near future. We're thinking of keeping one if there is a girl. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So many good things going on this week

Black Ameraucana Roo.
Niobe, who is hopefully still available. She is a cutie.

Dave had an interview today that went really well and we found a potential goat and a rooster for our hens that is just beautiful. Isn't he? I'm really hoping this little LaMancha doe is still available. I can't wait to meet her if she is. She is on a farm located next to a lady I'm picking up some kefir from. She raises Nigerian dwarfs and uses their milk for the kefir. I'm so excited to try it. I will use whole cows milk at first, but can't wait until the day I can use my own goats milk. :) Life is so exciting this week.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yay!!! New Job, New Place to live. Life is good.

Woohoo! I received the call today that I got the job at the new Ace Hardware as their garden girl! I'm so excited! I also had to turn down 3 other jobs today. Heh. It feels good to be wanted! I start next month on the 10th.

We also confirmed the rental place yesterday and I'm looking for a LaMancha dairy goat. This is so exciting. I found someone who has kefir grains as well so that I can feed the chickens an actual organic diet. Woohoo! Though I do need to find some non-GMO grains to sprout for them.

Everything is coming together finally. Life is starting to treat us well again. I feel so blessed.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I think we are finally catching a break

If we both get jobs this next week, we'll just pee our pants. So, Dave posted on craigslist what we were looking for in terms of renting. Low rent, have a goat and some chickens and two dogs. Well, we got ourselves an immediate response and the place isn't far away. He really wanted some brush cleared and is looking forward to having a goat or goats, which we will need to get Marley a buddy anyway. And he has a chicken coop that can hold up to 20 chickens. Score! What are the chances? Oh, and he has a garden area he wants someone to tend as long as he gets to pick some produce when he wants. This is so perfect. He is finishing up getting the place ready for rent, but we need the time anyway to get finances together. Oh, and the farmers' market is a mile away and I could sell plant starts. :D :D :D Wow!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Interviews and Sewing

Well, I had a great interview on Wednesday. I think I impressed them and they learned something new about gardening. This would be a fun job and they will be building the outside gardening center next Spring. So exciting! I do have another interview for Monday as a Teller at a bank. It's hard to decide whether I'd like to do that or not. It's only for 20 hours a week, but it also has full benefits. To work in a place I would enjoy or to get good benefits. Hmmmmm....... Maybe Dave can make that decision for me and get benefits where he works and I can work at a fun place talking about gardening all day long and playing in a hardware store no less. That would absolutely be a blast. Heh. Plus the guy seems like a great person to work for. After getting that out I think I'll only take the bank job if I don't get the gardening job. Hmmm.... that was so easy.

So, the first project I want to start is one of these fabric baskets again. James really wanted one after I made them as wedding gifts. I'm going to use some really cute dinosaur fabric for the inside and maybe for some of the outside squares and I will have to look in my fabric stash for the rest. Probably some bugs on it too. Since he loves bugs. I'm also going to make some of these placemats and some coasters to match for someone as a gift. I also want to make one of these bags for myself. So cute and looks so easy to do. I'm looking forward to it. Next Tuesday I get to bring all my sewing stuff out. Woohoo! I think I will feel better and less grumpy after I can start some of these projects.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Natural Cleansers for your House and Body

I am so going to try some of these things this week. Especially going 'pooless. Hey, there are worse things than going poo free, right? Heh. I love this woman and her blog, its great! Here is the post with most of the resources for these novelties I'm going to share with you all.

Woman Uncensored

I really want to try the laundry soap and I think I now have all the ingredients and I really can't afford the laundry detergent we get now because we are poor. :P It'll be fun to experiment with some essential oils and which scent I like best. It's amazing though with this recipe I can make a 5 gallon bucket of this stuff and it only costs me $1.11 for 110 loads and you can use it in those high efficiency washing machines as well. I do want to use Dr. Bronner's bar soap next time. It will make my laundry detergent cost a little more, but it will be more natural than the ivory soap, which I'm getting free this time. Oh, and I really scored when I went to Lowe's and they had the big paint sticks for stirring my laundry soap, but make sure to get the really big one for stirring 5 gallons worth of paint. And they are free. :) Free is good. I did get the downy ball and I will be trying the vinegar for static, which I may not need at this time of year because of the humidity here.

Next is the poo free recipe. I would like to try this, but I want to do it after my interview today. It's just baking soda and then apple cider vinegar rinse. I want to see how my hair does with it first, but uber cheapness. I will definitely follow up on how it works.

Wish me luck, I'm about to get ready for a job interview at a garden center. I want to see how many gardener's I can turn onto growing organically. It's my new challenge. :D

Monday, August 9, 2010

Blood Sugar Lows

So, now that I'm diabetic I'm taking my blood sugar all the time. Well, its been way too low lately, which is a good thing because I can lower the insulin dose I take. This might mean I can take just supplements to keep it low, we'll see. I'm excited! :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lovin' North Carolina

I just love it here. Summer is so much more enjoyable in this climate. It rains, you know that stuff that falls from the sky. It actually does that here. Heh.

We've been taking the dogs on walks and riding our bikes the last couple days and I feel so much better and my blood sugar has been perfect. It's great!

Getting up early this morning and going to church was quite refreshing even if I don't believe in most of what they talk about, but just being a part of the community feels good. I did think about putting mother earth in instead of saying god. As long as I don't say it loud enough for anyone else to hear. Ha! I just hate even saying anything I don't believe. It felt kind of weird not singing, but either way didn't feel right. Hmmm..... Maybe we need to find a faith we feel more comfortable in. Something to think about at least.

Looking forward to this week of sewing and interviews!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's been awhile and I need to catch up

So, lots has happened since my last blog posting. Drama, happiness, sadness, grief, you name it, we've been through it. Life is starting to slow down a bit and I think I should try to daily if not several times a day blogging about stuff. It will get better once I get a camera again or find the one I own.

June we had a pretty dramatic move out, but pretty uneventful move across the country. Dave and his sister Beth drove with all our stuff, the goat and the chickens from CA to NC. I flew since I had James with me and I was pregnant at the time.

The end of June I had a miscarriage, but also found out I was diabetic. So, since then we have been going to the doctor and fixing me up, which is good. I feel much better. They think stressed caused it and I have been under much stress since last September. It's been one thing after another since then. If it wasn't my health it was someone else's health or the wedding or whatever.

I think much more happy times are upon us. Job interviews are coming up and my favorite season is just around the corner. Sewing adventures are in sight. Lots of things I would like to do and post about. I'm ready to be busy. We are actually going to go to church tomorrow. I really feel like getting out and socializing if nothing else.

I'm feeling so blessed to be where I am and with the loving people around us. Life is good.