Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's been awhile and I need to catch up

So, lots has happened since my last blog posting. Drama, happiness, sadness, grief, you name it, we've been through it. Life is starting to slow down a bit and I think I should try to daily if not several times a day blogging about stuff. It will get better once I get a camera again or find the one I own.

June we had a pretty dramatic move out, but pretty uneventful move across the country. Dave and his sister Beth drove with all our stuff, the goat and the chickens from CA to NC. I flew since I had James with me and I was pregnant at the time.

The end of June I had a miscarriage, but also found out I was diabetic. So, since then we have been going to the doctor and fixing me up, which is good. I feel much better. They think stressed caused it and I have been under much stress since last September. It's been one thing after another since then. If it wasn't my health it was someone else's health or the wedding or whatever.

I think much more happy times are upon us. Job interviews are coming up and my favorite season is just around the corner. Sewing adventures are in sight. Lots of things I would like to do and post about. I'm ready to be busy. We are actually going to go to church tomorrow. I really feel like getting out and socializing if nothing else.

I'm feeling so blessed to be where I am and with the loving people around us. Life is good.

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