Friday, August 13, 2010

Interviews and Sewing

Well, I had a great interview on Wednesday. I think I impressed them and they learned something new about gardening. This would be a fun job and they will be building the outside gardening center next Spring. So exciting! I do have another interview for Monday as a Teller at a bank. It's hard to decide whether I'd like to do that or not. It's only for 20 hours a week, but it also has full benefits. To work in a place I would enjoy or to get good benefits. Hmmmmm....... Maybe Dave can make that decision for me and get benefits where he works and I can work at a fun place talking about gardening all day long and playing in a hardware store no less. That would absolutely be a blast. Heh. Plus the guy seems like a great person to work for. After getting that out I think I'll only take the bank job if I don't get the gardening job. Hmmm.... that was so easy.

So, the first project I want to start is one of these fabric baskets again. James really wanted one after I made them as wedding gifts. I'm going to use some really cute dinosaur fabric for the inside and maybe for some of the outside squares and I will have to look in my fabric stash for the rest. Probably some bugs on it too. Since he loves bugs. I'm also going to make some of these placemats and some coasters to match for someone as a gift. I also want to make one of these bags for myself. So cute and looks so easy to do. I'm looking forward to it. Next Tuesday I get to bring all my sewing stuff out. Woohoo! I think I will feel better and less grumpy after I can start some of these projects.

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