Saturday, August 14, 2010

I think we are finally catching a break

If we both get jobs this next week, we'll just pee our pants. So, Dave posted on craigslist what we were looking for in terms of renting. Low rent, have a goat and some chickens and two dogs. Well, we got ourselves an immediate response and the place isn't far away. He really wanted some brush cleared and is looking forward to having a goat or goats, which we will need to get Marley a buddy anyway. And he has a chicken coop that can hold up to 20 chickens. Score! What are the chances? Oh, and he has a garden area he wants someone to tend as long as he gets to pick some produce when he wants. This is so perfect. He is finishing up getting the place ready for rent, but we need the time anyway to get finances together. Oh, and the farmers' market is a mile away and I could sell plant starts. :D :D :D Wow!

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