Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pens, Goats and Sewing. Oh my!

We will be getting the posts in today for the goat pen. I'm really excited to think that in about a week we will be moving in and our goats will be in the backyard. It will be heaven. I'm really excited about Yogurts kids. Did I mention the doe were getting will be named Yogurt? Yogi for short. We have started with A's for the animals this year. So, we have a rooster born last year, Zorro, and the goat born 2 years ago, hence the Y name. All the hens are A's, Amber, Agatha (Aggie for short), Ashe, Autumn and Absinthe (Abbey for short). I think besides hatching some eggs out we should be done for animals this year.

I'm working on our curtains for the new house every night when I can. I didn't want to go the blind route, I hate blinds. So far I've gotten curtains for one window done so far. Hopefully I will get faster at it after this first one. I've got 6 more windows to go. :) I have time. :)

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