Friday, September 17, 2010

The Goats New Hay Feeders

Here Dave is cutting boards to go across the front. We used plywood that was left over from the goat shelter and then the 2x6's were pilfered from the pallet he is using to cut wood on and then we bought two 1x4's for the front. We spent about $5-7 dollars total on both feeders combined. It's better than paying $30 or more for one feeder.
Here they both are finished and ready to be bolted to the back pallets in the goat shelter.
Marley is tasting hay in both feeders. The hay in the other feeder is always greener, right? LOL!
Here is one of them up close bolted to the back pallet.
Marley eating out of his new hay feeder. :D

Tomorrow we will have updates on the chickens. We just moved them tonight into the horse trailer in two dog crates. I will take pics of them in the trailer before we put them into their new hen house. Our landlord had already built nest boxes and roosts for future chickens, well I guess these are the future chickens. We are so glad we found Wayne. He is a really cool landlord even if he thinks the world is going to get worse sooner rather than later and were all going to have to go into survivor mode. Hey, at least we'll be ready. :)


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