Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Really Wish I Could Find My Camera

Sigh.... I'd have lots of great pictures to share, but alas, no camera and no pictures. Today we built about 75% of the goat shelter and should be to the point that Dave and I can finish it ourselves before next week. Yay! Thanks to Dave's wonderful dad he has helped make the shelter stable and safe. We used mostly refused stuff. The sides and base are made from large wood pallets pilfered from the local tractor company. The rest was pilfered from my father in laws wood pile. :) We did have to buy 4 sheets of plywood, 6 2x4's and 6 1x4's. The roofing material is also being pilfered from our new landlords scrap metal pile. Yay us! It is a large shelter too and it looks great for being made out of what we could find. I will also paint it when I start working at Ace Hardware and get paint just over cost. It is going to be a dark brown. I love brown. :D I hope the goats will be happy. We're dividing it into two parts. 2/3 of it will be for our new doe who will kid in October and the rest for Marley. Really its big and I'm hoping big enough for 3 goats. We're hoping to keep one of Yogurts kids if she has a doe. After we get the shelter done we will finish putting up the rest of the fencing. I'm hoping to have it all done by Saturday, but Monday would be good too. We're taking Sunday off to go to church and watch the first East Carolina football game of the season.

Oh, and in other exciting news I just got an e-mail from the Ag Extension office for an interview for the Master Gardener's Program. So exciting! I e-mailed my new boss Doug a couple weeks ago explaining that I had put in an application for this program. He thought it was a great idea and was happy to find out it was on Wednesday mornings starting in January. I'm so excited! I think this year is going to be a great year for us. :D

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