Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pictures of the Garden, Greenhouse, Compost Pile Area and Chicken Pen Finally 2

 The garden area.  The wall in the back is where I'm going to put my first bed for garlic and greens.  It will be a good size planting area.  I'm just going to use cinder block Wayne has lying around to make a raised bed and put compost and amendments in it.  To the left is the compost pile.
 A better view of the compost pile and garden area.  This is a temporary spot for the compost until we figure out a better area for it.  Probably behind me somewhere is where it will end up.
So, if you can envision, I know its hard to see, this is right behind the bed I'm going to put in, but it has 3 short sides of cinder block and we will make this into a greenhouse, with old window that Wayne has stockpiled.  We need to clean it out and take out the trees, but I think its perfect, it already has a cement floor, it just needs walls and a door.  : )  So excited!

Oh, I'm also thinking about bees.  There is a local bee group that meets at the ag extension office in Greensboro and I really want to go and learn more about bees.

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