Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pictures of the Garden, Greenhouse, Compost Pile Area and Chicken Pen Finally

 The new outside of the chicken pen.  I really wish we could free range them, but there are so many stray dogs around here all the time, I would be afraid to.  They seem happy and they are safe, so that makes me happy.
 We will expand their pen where all these leaves are.  We need to move the leaves into the compost pile and commandeer some more kennel panels.  It should be quite a big area for them when we can expand their territory.
 Ms. Aggie came over to beg from us.  : )  She is such a sweetie.
 The inside of the chicken coop.  If you can tell this was a bathroom at one time.  Perfect for chickens to poop in.  LOL!  These are the nest boxes.
Here is the ramp for them to go up to the roost.  I think Wayne did pretty well with this design.  Now you can tell its a bathroom, right.  Can't fool you with the big bathtub under the roost. 

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