Thursday, October 21, 2010

NC State Fair!!!!!

 Big beautiful Elephant Ear.  So pretty.
 One of the featured gardens.
 Love the herbs in this one.
 My favorite of course.  It's got all veggies in it.  :D
 A shot of the whole display.  Sweet potato vine in the back.  It was really pretty with the red veins and green leaves.
 This was a display on growing a row for the hungry.  I need to do that next year.  :)
 In the greenhouse pretties.
 Love the bumpy pumpkin.
 A row of gourds. I had a hay day taking pics in this section.
 This thing was massive, very cool.
 Huge turbans.
 Looks like apple and bottle gourds, they were bigger than I've seen too.
 This was really pretty, but I can't remember what it was and the print on the card next to it is too small. :(  I want to grow it. 
 Chicken painted gourd.  Very cool.
 They're just huge.
 Of course they have a gourd club here in NC.  They even were giving away free seeds in little baggies.  I had to make sure they were all the same before I picked one out.  :)  Heh.
 Love the one on the right with the leaves, so pretty, I love fall.
 Small bumpy gourd.
 Here are the big monsters.  The pumpkin growing contest.  I think the biggest was 800 and something.  Did anyone see the world record pumpkin this year it was like 1800 plus.  Very cool.
 Massive watermelon.
 Tomatoes.  Yum.
 Look at this big guy, but he doesn't look very good anymore, oh well, pretty big though.
 I guess NC grows sweet potatoes, because they had tables of them.  : )
 This is so cool.  They had a lot of big ones.
And me, being a rule breaker, rubbing me some pork belly.  Loved the fair, definitely going back next year!!  I even got me a shirt.  : )

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