Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet Our Rooster, Zurg :D

 Isn't he just gorgeous?  Here he is with two of the hens we picked up with him.  On the right is mama hen, she has a baby chick with her, I think a pic below shows the chick.  Of course, they are enjoying their kefir. : ) The rooster is pure Ameraucana, but the new hens are only part Ameraucana (they all lay blue eggs though), I figure the babies we get from them will be at least 75% Ameraucana.  You can tell especially because the hens don't have a rose comb, they have more of a single comb.
 Zurg and his gang of hens.  Our original flock in front, new flock in back.
 Another good profile pic.
 And the cheeks.  Aren't they great?
Here's the baby.  It's funny that the rooster is looking down at her (I'm thinking its a her, I'm hoping, then we could just keep her).  Mama hen is very protective and chases away the original flock from her offspring. What a good mama. : )

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