Friday, October 8, 2010

Flaxseed Brownies! Yum!!! The New Diabetic Treat!

 Mmmmm.....  Looks like baby poop to me.  LOL!  See, now you really want to eat it huh.  I ate it like cereal, broken up and with whole milk on it.  It didn't spike me at all.  Love it!
So happy to have found some good stuff on the Diabetes Forum.  This is a great recipe from someone who is only taking supplements besides eating well and exercising for his diabetes. 

Here is the recipe:

Flaxseed Brownies

Made up this recipe when first Dxed after reading what my body needed in order to repair the damage that D did for me over those yrs of being unDxed.

When I first started eating them I would get a moderate spike (130-140) but the spike was short lived and then my BG became quite tolerable with them, the spikes became quite mild. I was eating 3-6 of them daily, some times more.

They are good if you over bake them, let them sit out till they become hard, break them up in the morning as cereal, I used low carb Almond milk with them.

Blend in good blender

2 - 7oz packs of unsweetened prunes, (antiox)
3 - large eggs, (protien)
3 - very unripe bananas ( if they peel they are to ripe ) (green hard as a rock) (Resistant Starch)
- enough water to keep blender running

Place the batter in a mixing bowl and add

1 - cup Whole Flax seed (fiber and ligands, fats)
1 - cup Ground Flaxseed (I like the Red bobs organic, it is flour like) (fiber and ligands, fats)
1 - cup of Buckwheat (Inositol)
1 - cup of Sunflower seeds (fats, protien)
1 - 8oz pack of Walnuts crushed (fats, protien)
1 - tsp of baking powder
1 - tsp of Baking soda
1- Vanilla

I spread them out on a large cookie sheet with parchment paper underneath, cook at 350 for 20-30 minutes depending on the thickness of your mix. I brushed some melted butter on the top before I took these out.

Servings 32
Cal - 188
Carbs - 17
Fat - 12
Fiber - 5
K - 303
Protein - 7

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