Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We Planted the Garden!!!! Yay!!!!

 Trellis where the butternut squash will grow up.  I need to plant some flowers and have the borage in there which is a companion to squash, but you can't see it behind the cement block.
 My tomatoes, basil and tam jalapeno's at the end.  I'm going to do the Florida Weave this year with my tomatoes.  I learned how to do it with the Master Gardener's out at the A&T University farm last week.  So cool and will be super easy.  I wanted to do it a couple years ago and ran out of time.  So excited!!!
 My herb bed, still adding things.  I have borage, parsley, thyme, oregano, and a marigold.  I still need to put chives, marjoram and I'm sure I will find more to add.
 My lettuce is looking good.  I stole one already, need to get more started.  The seeds I planted didn't take.
 My cold crop bed.  Slow going, at the end the trellis will be for some extra rattlesnake beans that I planted there.
 Melons that haven't started to germinate up front, need to plant the flowers, some are there in the container and then further on is the bean tunnel.  I did this a couple years ago and it worked fabulous.  I will probably need James to climb in there for me to harvest green bean.  With all this rain I'm sure all the seeds I planted are going to germinate without my watering them.  It rained all night and has rained at least once a day since Saturday, so freaking awesome!!
One of two snap peas.  Sad I know, but oh well, I think the birds nabbed the seeds I planted.  This one is starting to bloom.  Yay!!!  Can't wait to put them in a salad or stir fry if there are enough.  LOL!!!

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