Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, we finally found a home for the goats to make room for the new turkeys coming next month.  Yay!!  The doe wasn't producing enough and with the baby coming, I want animals that are easier to wrastle and care for.  We do have baby chickies coming soon.  We have 3 girls on 3 nests hunkering down on about 4-5 eggs each.  We had to divide them so each hen was happy.  LOL!!!  So funny.  We will make a makeshift nursery once they start hatching so mamas and babies can have a safe haven, but still be near the flock and we won't have to worry about baby chicks getting stuck outside because they are too little to get themselves back in the coop on their own. 
The garden is coming along, all the cold weather crops are look great and I'm going to try to plant the warm season crops tomorrow.  Late start I know, but being pregnant has been a little tougher with the extra weight I'm carrying.  Doing what I can this year, although small and behind what I want it to be, we should have a very productive garden.  I'm excited!!  I am also going to leave an area for James to plant.  I think he'll be so excited to have an area just for him to plant and water and do whatever he wants. 
It's been raining so much here and I hope it keeps up throughout the season unlike last year where there was a drought at the end of the season and so dry.  The humidity has started and I LOVE it.  So much better than dry heat, which is just icky.   Bring on the sticky weather, it feels so good. 

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