Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Chickie Nursery

 Hen and chicks.  So cute.  She is the hen that gets along with both Abbey, who is the blue hen in the second pic and the other hen.  She shared chicks with the other hen.  I found this am the 7th chick, the one who we put in the incubator yesterday to warm up was gone this am and when I checked on them early and made their pen bigger the dark hen, a.k.a. by my son as the bad hen, pecked one of Abbey's chicks.  As soon as I saw her do that I made a quick decision and picked her up and we will sell her as a laying hen.  We don't need any mean hen's especially when these two do such a nice job raising babies together, hopefully we can do it again this Fall or next Spring with these two.
Here is Abbey's butt, sorry, they were too busy scratching and 3 of the 6 chicks.  3 of them are on the other side of the fence, they can get through there for now, which probably saved Abbey's chicks when the other hen was attacking, but they always come back through to be with their mamas.

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