Monday, October 26, 2009

Living in Michigan With Dave

So, here I am, finally with Dave longer than a few days every month. I was settling in quite nice and we were getting used to each others habits and such. Then a string of not so good things started happening. I'm still wondering if Dave thinks he made the right decision. LOL! First, I develop an infection in my tooth including a trip to the ER for pain meds. (poor Dave was really stressed out about it, and rightfully so, infections like that can actaully kill you, lovely, and I just got here). Wow that was way worse than child birth. I'm telling you. And pain meds alone don't cure infection pain. So, walking around totally drugged up and still have pain striking at any moment, not fun. The first few days after I first started my antibiotics was a little hairy. The first day I woke up in so much pain I had to go take a walk to get the pain to subside a little, Dave was a little worried to say the least. After the antibiotics kicked in though I think I took like 3 naps that day just catching up on sleep and energy. Sheesh! Not fun. So, then I go in for a 3 part root canal. I can give shots to animals just fine. Getting them, my palms start sweating and all that. LOL! Anyway, so then Brando, Dave's dog, gets an infected abscessed anal gland. So now were dealing with a dogs rear end. Hot compresses twice a day and all that. Very interesting to see two people hold a dog down while one holds a hot cloth to the dogs ass. Suffice it to say we got through all this besides me missing Mr. James and getting a plane ticket to go see him. I think Dave wins an award for all this plus starting his comprehensive exams. I love you babe, your awesome! :D

So, besides that, I've been going to garden club meetings, found a local chicken club meeting and a women's meet-up group beside the game meet-up group. Meeting some nice people and enjoying myself. Though its funny, every group I meet they all tell me to make sure to get a warm jacket and good boots. Got both now and I think I'm ready for the winter. It's actually really nice weather wise now and I'm enjoying the Fall leaves. Just beautiful.

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