Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cathy Moves to Michigan

The week I got back from Florida I had a ton to do before I left CA for Michigan. I tell you what though, everything was conspiring against me before I left. A tire completely went flat, I needed to take Shelby in for a heartworm test since Maddie tested positive, and last, but not least I hit the neighbor's dog (totally his fault), but whatever. Anyway, I did get everything finally squared away, packed up my truck and headed to live with Dave in Michigan.

It was actually a really nice drive and at the end of the first day I found myself in wet Wyoming. I love the rain, but I really don't like driving in the rain especially at night. I can handle it during the day because I can see, but night time, not so good. Driving through Nevada the first day was kind of yucky. The landscape was kind of dusty and plain and the rest area's left something to be desired. I mean when you stop and obviously several people had dumped their RV sewage, that is just nasty. I mean that is just pure pollution. I almost stepped in it. That would have been an epic disaster. I would have tossed my shoes over that. Sheesh! Besides that the bathrooms were just outhouses. So the end of the first day I found myself in Evanston, Wyoming. Nice place, really a nice Motel 6. Will stay there again, it wasn't creepy at all, like most Motel 6's. The dogs are always welcome too. Nice. Shelby liked that we stopped, she actually wanted to play. :D

When I woke up the next morning I hopped in the truck after eating a couple hard boiled eggs and a Clif Bar. Gave Shelby a few beef sticks from Trader Joe's and put the bird in his spot next to me. What a nice morning for a drive even though it was a little foggy at first. Wyoming and Nebraska weren't too bad of a drive and I was actually enjoying the scenery, besides that, the rest area's were very clean and accommodating. I was only about 90 miles behind that day, which was fine. I ended up in Omaha, Nebraska in a slightly shady Motel 6. He even put me in a smoking room when I asked for non-smoking. I was too tired to get a new room. It was only one night, right?

Left Omaha Wednesday morning and was happy that the end of today would end up in Lansing, Michigan in Dave's arms. Mmmmm....... :D :D :D It's interesting to note that I took I-80 all the way past Chicago from California. All the way through to the State line of Nebraska the speed limit was 75. Really nice besides all the slow downs to 55 while they re-paved I-80. Kind of annoying, but I guess that's how it goes during the summer on the highway. *shrug* Anyway, when I stepped foot in Iowa the speed limit went down to 70 and then when I got into Illinois down to 65. When your on your last day somewhere and you steadily go slower its a little frustrating especially after going 75 for two whole days. 24 hours of 75, why must I now go 65. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

When I got closer to Lansing I called Dave and he was stressing out that he needed the place looking nicer than it being what it is........a bachelor pad. As long as the bathroom was clean, I was alright with it. I would eventually get him more organized anyway and equipped a little better in the kitchen. Anyway, the thought of having him make me dinner and margaritas was more important than cleaning and anyway, I wouldn't mind skipping all that just to be with Dave. Food can wait. Plus, I needed to set Rufus up in his cage when I got there and the dogs needed to be acquainted. So, anyway, I got there and Dave wasn't back from the store yet. That's ok, I wasn't going anywhere, besides I needed to call my dad again, because calling him 20 miles before I got to Dave's house was not good enough. I needed to have my feet on the ground in front of Dave's house. LOL!

Dave finally arrived while I was talking on the phone to my dad. He just stood there for a few moments. I'm not sure why. Maybe stunned I was there standing in front of him with my truck loaded down with my most important items for the winter and a bird and a dog to boot. That first hug was awesome. I think it was an, are you really here hug? I was and it was still light I was ready to start a new chapter in my life. One that included Dave, whom I really think is my soul mate. It's an amazing feeling to be with someone who totally gets you and is ok with all that is going on in your life and a child. Shoot, its pretty darn awesome. I couldn't imagine anything better. One who really supports your dreams and ambitions in life.

I have to conclude that this trip showed me how mainstream America still is. I was on I-80 most of the way and can't believe how much crap American's eat. I'm glad I brought most of my food. I don't know how many people travel on I-80 a year, but you really can't find any good food, like wholesome good for you food on that highway. And yes, there is a gas station called the Kum and Go. Very interesting, though I didn't stop at one, I should have to see what they were like, I think they were in only one state though. Iowa it looks like. Besides that I saw atleast 10 XXX rated stores, big stores and directions to a bunny ranch. I think that was in Nevada. Just thought I'd note that since it was quite interesting to observe. I really think our society would be more normal if we all were up on our amino acids. 80% of Americans are low on their amino acids. My naturopath had me read "Mood Cure" and I've never felt better in my life. I needed to put in a plug for that. If I help one person out, it was worth it. :D

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