Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Garden

 So, here it is, our 2011 garden space.  Yes, you will notice it was the foundation of a house and we are using cement blocks from said house.  : )  The picture above is where we will put our strawberries (back plot) and perrenial herbs (front plot). 
 This is an overview of the garden.  4 main garden plots, a small square plot in the back right corner and the strawberry and herb plot directly in front of me.
 The garlic up close.  I can't wait.  Yum!  They are definitely looking better after a little rain.
 Close-up of garlic.
 Close-up of main beds and garlic.
 Love that new dirt color.  The house in the background is where we live and then if you look at the step up from the garden, that slab of cement will be where the greenhouse will go.  Our landlord is building it. : )
Another view of the strawberry and herb plot.  We are so excited, as is Wayne, our landlord, he built most of the garden and is putting in the fence around it, I think the fencing will be complete once we get all the dirt in.  We need to keep the neighborhood kitties from going potty in what they think are litter boxes. : )


  1. Wow! Is this the same space you posted pictures of last fall? This looks great! What did you fill the beds with?

  2. Yep, same spot. We put compost in all the beds. I was trying to find some green sand and rabbit poop to add, but haven't found a source yet.