Tuesday, July 1, 2014


 This is what the chicken tractor leaves when moved.  We now move every 12 hours instead of 24 since our grass is kinda sparse in places. It should look better next year.  It even looks better this year already.

 These are pictures of our yard, which in the Northwoods of WI, we are surrounded by lakes and where it precipitates every week and we are finding this in OUR yard.  It's what chemical fertilizers do to your lawn and field.  This needs to change.  Here is a TED talk from Allan Savory to reverse climate change.  Yes, I said to reverse.

 Sparse and mossy.
 Bare patches from abuse.
 Our front yard.  May it be filled in next year when the snow melts.  We'll see.
More desertification in the back yard.  The chickens are currently depositing their fecal matter on this area at the moment.

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