Friday, March 18, 2011

Planting Greens, Peas, and Some Perennial Herbs

 My cold crops.  I know its late, but after being so nauseous and exhausted for so many weeks, I'm finally able to get something done AND the weather was so nice.  It did take me years of not knowing that you need to water your seeds in daily if not twice a days so they sprout.  I always wondered why my lettuce wouldn't sprout.   LOL!!  It happens and it takes years of practice.  So, lots of water until they sprout and then taper off once they do sprout.  I'm hoping they sprout before the next rainstorms so my seeds don't get washed away in case its a downpour.
 My lettuce I didn't think was still alive from my experiment from last fall trying out some compost.  Some look sad, but I think they will perk up and we'll have some nice salad greens soon.

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